Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Paul's Net Worth - October 2013 - $391,371

  • A new record! Getting really close to the $400k mark! I've also eclipsed $500k in assets this month.
  • I took on some 0% interest debt and purchased a new car this month. It was a leftover 2013 model, so even though I purchased new I got $2000 cash back and the 0% loan. I also purchased it at a dealer that sets low no-haggle prices. This is a fairly unique vehicle that dealerships typically don't discount much, so purchasing it at this dealer saved me probably an additional $2000.
    Hopefully I'll be selling my old vehicle soon. I'll either use that money towards auto loans, student loans, or I'll save it towards the down payment on our next house. I haven't figured out which I'd rather do yet.
  • Great month for investments and cash. The stock market is up. My cash accumulation is due to a profit sharing bonus from my company, one of my wife's bonuses, and low expenses for the month. I expect cash to decrease a bit next month once I pay off the $2500 I put on a credit card as a down payment on my new car.
  • Cash savings for our next home is doing well, slow and steady. I think I'm going to take $5000 of it and invest in low risk Lending Club notes. I also plan on investing $10,000 of it at Motif Investing in their Permanent Portfolio Motif. Hopefully that will get this money earning something, because as of now it's only getting 0.75% in an online savings account.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Paul's Net Worth - September 2013 - $376,351

My usual bullet list :)

  • Wow, what a great cash month! I haven't analyzed spending yet, my feeling is that we controlled costs well in August. I'll have to check it out.

    I'll have to start investing some of this cash as well. It's not earning me much sitting in a savings account. I'm thinking about doing some dividend stock investing with some of it.
  • Disappointing month from an investments perspective, but I suspect that's true for most people. Glad to see my net worth still creep up even with the losses, I think it was that great cash flow!
  • Debts are green across the board this month! I love it when that happens. I think next month it might get worse. It's time for a new car for yours truly, and I plan to finance quite a bit of it until I sell my old car.

    You may also notice the large(ish) drop in my student loans. Due to our large cash intake this month, I decided to pay off one of my wife's student loans that was hovering at about $500. Now I'll take what I was paying on that loan and apply it to another student loan. (See my debt snowball approach).

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Don's Finally Refinancing

Ok, so it took me an extra couple of years to refinance my house.  Paul managed to refinance his twice in the last few years while I sat on the fence paying 6.5%.  What kept me from pulling the trigger?  Shame, if you can believe it.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Paul's Net Worth - August 2013 - $374,241


  • This month looks great! Most of my net worth growth was driven by my investments, which grew along with the stock market in the month of July.
  • Happy to see Zillow thinks real estate prices are finally going up a bit in my area. Finally my home is estimated to be worth slightly more than what I paid after quite a long time :). Nevertheless, Zillow's values are likely a bit inaccurate.
  • Nice cash accumulation for the month, that should be reflected in a future post about spending for the month. We'll see.
  • Credit card debt is up due to some yearly/bi-yearly bills like auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, and garbage collection. I already have cash socked away for those, so they're just on the CC to accumulate rewards.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Paul's Net Worth - June & July 2013 - $359,263

June 1

July 1

It's been so long since I took these numbers down that I don't really think I can analyze them properly. I'll give it my best shot.
  • Cash is down both months. I don't like to see that happen but sometimes it does. Given we're most of the way through July now, I can say with some confidence that I think it will swing in the positive direction next month.
  • I love to see the entire Liabilities section green! Typically everything is except for the credit cards, because the balance can swing up and down each month.
  • Investments are down a bit on July 1, mimicking the June stock market. Not a surprise here.
  • Our vehicle values are up quite a bit from May due to the addition of a new-to-us camper. This explains much of the cash drop. Hopefully we save on some vacations by using the camper as a base for some trips, instead of hotels. We'll see how that goes.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Paul's Net Worth - May 2013 - $353,934

Highlights from last month.

  • The stock market is up again, which is benefiting me greatly on paper. However, these gains aren't realized unless I sold the investments, so they could be fleeting.

  • Cash is down again this month. I'll have a post about my spending later in the month. Looks like a lot of it had to do with reduction of credit card debt.

  • Debt is down across the board. I love it when a month comes together :).

  • Once again another record! I love watching this go up.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

March 2013 Spending

I think I said the same thing last year around this time... I'd like to start tracking my spending better and posting about it monthly. Hopefully this will help hold us accountable. It's my feeling that we spend way more than we need to, so here's the first update.

First let's talk about the layout. The guidance column is what we spent last year on average, give or take. It's not perfect, but close. The 'Total Remaining' row indicates how much money we netted at the end of the month given all of our income, spending, and scheduled saving. In the 'Bills' section, the 'Other' row indicates all unplanned spending outside the categories of the rest of the bills. For example, in March we payed income tax due to filing our return, so that was an unplanned expense. The 'Scheduled Savings' section indicates all non-retirement automatic savings that happens every pay period. Other than the generic 'Savings' row, most of the 'Scheduled Savings' is marked to be spent later. When spent it will show up in the 'Bills' section somewhere.

Now for some analysis. This month was a little bit odd because my wife and I both got paid three times. Stating that, I would have loved to see a much larger net gain in cash at the end of the month due to the extra income, but the taxes blew that right out of the water. A little more than half of our 'Other' spending was income taxes. Yuck. Our tax rate has stayed pretty steady the past few years, so we're working on getting the proper amount taken out of our paychecks so we don't get hit with this surprise again next year.

We spent more on house cleaning than usual, but that's because my cleaner comes on payday, and I've already stated that happened three times in March :).

Dining out looks to have been a bit large last month as well. I didn't look to see where all of that went, but it's about double our average spend last year. We're on track to bring that down this month, as we're at about $93 spent dining out and we're halfway through April.

Given everything, we would have netted about $2200 without the tax surprise. I think I would have been fairly happy with that given our current spend rate. I'm going to chalk this up as an ok month given we haven't done much yet to curb spending. Look for some posts in the near future about how I plan on cutting some spending.